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  • Fairy Tale AR

    Participate in Goldilocks, Jack & the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood in Augmented Reality

  • NYC AR

    Walkthrough Travel Maps of the Big Apple

  • tv AR

    Stream 1,2 or 10 screens at a time in Augmented Reality

  • Gym AR

    Count workout reps on machines and spar w/ a Boxer in Augmented Reality

  • News AR

    Read the news in front of Lady Liberty

  • Hold ’em AR

    Play Poker with players across the World in Augmented Reality

  • Meeting AR

    Conduct conferences, upload documents and share files in Augmented Reality

Welcome to the Big Apple!

New York City has a long and proud History from being home of the legendary New York Yankees in the Bronx, the New York Mets, Jets, Giants and some of the best spots in the World for fine dining, award-winning Chefs along with several reality television shows. Stroll down Broadway and 42nd Street to see a listing of all the latest Broadway Musicals and don’t forget to tip the Street Performers while you’re there. Take the 4,5,6,1, 9, R Subway downtown and stop by SOHO (buy some art!), NOHO, the Freedom Tower in the Financial District and the Bulls of Wall Street. Have a cold one at South Street Seaport and stop by McSorley’s in the Lower East Side. Looking for a Speakeasy? Checkout Chumley’s and remember, there’s no sign on the door. The West Village has the best Burger in NYC; the Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro. For early risers, grab a New York Bagel along with a Daily News Paper. Support your favorite NYC Actor by visiting the Tribeca Bar & Grill. Uptown. Central Park needs at least 1/2 day so dine at the Boat House, visit Strawberry Fields and the famous ‘Imagine’ sidewalk stone in Central Park. Looking for the Central Perk Cafe from the television show Friends!?… It’s not there but you can visit the American Museum of Natural History close to where it’s suppose to be. Get yourself a ticket to the Planetarium and you may even run into the World’s most famous Astrophysicist who films the popular podcast Star Talk in his office. Get a tour of Tina’s Thirty Rock or Rockefeller Center to see the tree lighting in December. The Metropolitan Museum of Art a.k.a. the Met (tip for reading this far…go to the rooftop deck at the Met for more exhibits and one of the best views of Central Park), the MOMA, the Guggenheim. Fitness buff? Jog around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park and across from the Guggenheim. Several movies were filmed here. Back down to Greenwich Village you can wander on MacDougal Street for more great food and drinks. Mamoun’s Falafel’s are great for the NYU College Student, Traveller or Nightcrawler on a budget. Beware the Hot Sauce!… but put it on your Falafel because it’s awesome! Nearby, Washington Square Park has some of the best Street Performers in the Country (again, tips are appreciated) that can be found near the Center Fountain. While you’re down there, visit the Comedy Cellar for a good laugh and home to some of the World’s most talented Comedic Performers. CaroIine’s Comedy Club on Broadway always has top notch Performers as well as Gotham and Dangerfield’s. I forgot to mention; if you want to save a buck, get a metro card and fill it up accordingly. $20 should be good if you’re there for three or more days. If you’re going out to Long Island, take a Subway to an LIRR Station to head out East. Brooklyn’s got some of the best pizza like Grimaldi’s. Ray’s is really good too. Really any NYC Pizza is really good. Try ’em all. While you’re in Brooklyn, have lunch in Williamsburg (super poshy trendy) and catch the Nets play who just might be playing the Knicks. Hockey fan? We’ve got the Rangers and the Islanders. Catch a Mets game at Citi Field or a tennis match at the U.S. Open. Venture off to Long Island and watch the horses at Belmont Stakes.The fish are always biting in the Long Island Sound and if you really want to hook a Striper or Blue, stay a night in the Hamptons which is Long Island’s home to the Rich and Famous. I’m exhausted telling you all of this. Stop reading and get out of your Hotel room, AirB&B or Hostel and wander Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Fuhgeddaboudit!

Have a great time and enjoy NYC AR!

Navigate your world and have a great time while doing it with London AR. London AR is an Augmented Reality Application for iOS that superimposes life-sized animations onto the real-world streets. Real-time GPS navigation. Drop by local neighborhoods and find a great spot to eat, drink and even drop by a Museum or two. London AR takes tourism to the next level. The user no longer has to repeatedly look up and down from the app to the real World in order to decipher where it is they want to go.

With London AR, you simply open the App and look for the ‘Fork & Knife’ Icons if you’re hungry for the best Fish and Chips the United Kingdom has to offer, the ‘Underground Sign’ Icon if you need to speed over to the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace using the Tube (the Yankees and Metropolitans call it a Subway or Metro). You can also navigate to Pubs and Nightlife just North of Black Friars and across the Thames River to Olde London where you’ll think you ended up in an Ebenezer Scrooge Story as you find your way to Ye Olde Mitre. The Pub was owned by a Friar in the 1547 and still has the stump of a Cherry Tree that Queen Elizabeth I once danced around. While you’re there, you’ll most certainly run into an animated character or two in Augmented Reality. Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to live as a King or Queen? The Tower of London is just the place for you. Take a walk in Augmented through the home of past Royals and pass through King Henry IV’s chambers as you peer through the same window he once gazed through along the Thames River. You’ll also have the opportunity to view the Crown Jewels. Walk a bit more and visit the zoo where gifts from Rulers of other Countries were once kept. If that’s not enough excitement for one vacation, walk over to Buckingham Palace and, if your lucky, you may be able to see the time-honored tradition, Changing of the Guards. There’s no use in reading any further. You didn’t visit London, England to stay cramped in your Hotel Room or AirB&B to watch the Telly. Go out and explore the beautiful History and Sites London has to offer!

Look for Augmented Reality animations of:

-Knights outside of the Museums!

-Dancing Chef outside of Restaurants!

-Archer in the Parks!

-Tipsy Guard outside of Pubs!

Haunted AR is an Augmented Reality App that allows the user to walk around with their phone through a Haunted House and Graveyard.

Find a safe, open area to walk around and explore the Haunted House and surrounding Graveyard. Each update will contain scarier, more frightening encounters with GHOSTS and ZOMBIES!


By using the Haunted AR App, you will experience loud audio, lighting, extremely low visibility and sudden actions by animations. You should never use the Haunted AR App if you are pregnant, under the age of 12, have a heart condition, seizures, intoxicated, using illegal drugs, on heavy medications, have severe medical problem or any mental illness that a licensed medical professional deems unfit to use this game.

By proceeding to use the Haunted AR App, you waive any injury or claims and accept these terms and conditions.

Burn and count Calories at the Gym in AR!

Choose from:


-Bench Press

-Clean and Jerk


-Heavy Bar

-Incline Press


-Sparring Opponent!

-Speed Bag


1) Choose your AR Model.

2) Align your AR Model with the real-world, gym equipment.

3) Workout and see how many calories you burned during your workout.

“The Future has arrived.”

3D Models Include:


-1 BR

-2 BR

-3 BR

-4 BR

-Studio Roof


Note: Additional Models and Features will be added in future updates.

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